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Coffee with Social Responsibility: From Nicaragua to Massachusetts

Ever wonder where your cup of coffee comes from? When it comes to your cup of joe, the supply chain behind the coffee matters.

Coffee Industry: the Challenges

The coffee industry faces high demand, with a number of challenges like climate change, socioeconomic issues and community considerations. The Sustainable Coffee Challenge is a collaborative effort that works to guide the coffee industry towards complete sustainability. 

Your choices as a coffee drinker, also matters. Let’s hear about how one coffeeshop on the outskirts of Boston makes it easier to make a choice that is ethically, environmentally, and socially sound.

At Recreo, you can be sure your cup of coffee has been sourced with sustainability in mind. You can also feel good about ordering coffee here, because Recreo donates a portion of its proceeds to the community that harvests the coffee beans themselves in rural Nicaragua.

Miriam Morales, owner and founder, says that the “coffee never leaves our hands until it gets to our customer”. This approach ensures that there are sustainable farming practices, community education, and fair pay for workers. 

Recreo Coffeeshop
Recreo in West Roxbury, MA

The Story Behind the Coffee

Miriam opened the café in West Roxbury with her husband Hector in 2015 with one mission: to serve delicious coffee that empowers communities by employing the local workforce. The reality is that there are a number of issues some farms can face such as poverty, environmental footprint and reduced biodiversity. Miriam works to change that.

Recreo is part of the movement that works to provide fair wages, and practice environmental stewardship. 

It’s called the “Farm to Cup Process”: it’s a holistic approach that involves harvesting the soil, planting, growing in just the right conditions, processing the cherry, drying the beans, milling and shipping, taste testing the coffee, roasting the coffee, and serving it to customers. It’s a process that requires social, environmental, and technical acumen for it to run smoothly.

At Recreo, that sustainable model is at the heart of the business. 

The coffee beans come from her Father’s farm in Nicaragua. To support the families that work on the farm, Miriam’s family runs a school, a clinic, and a technical training school in the community. There are 40 families living on the farm. Miriam’s mother works with students to help them secure scholarships to attend school.

Recreo Baristas
Baristas Serving Customers at Recreo

Recreo’s Vision

Morales believes in giving back to the communities that are an essential part of the production process, that’s why 30% of every cup of coffee goes back to the community that harvests the coffee. “Coffee with social responsibility”, Morales likes to say. In the Roxbury coffeeshop, Miriam’s husband Hector roasts the coffee. Miriam works in the coffeeshop, too, directly serving customers alongside 12 baristas. 

The coffeeshop is lots of hard work, and the Morales family are very hands on and involved. It’s clear that Recreo has built a community with their coffeeshop. Miriam says that “people feel like they are coming into a home”. The customers are loyal, loving followers who feel good about buying their coffee from Recreo.

Be sure to give them some love if you’re in the Boston area. Next time you drink a cup of coffee, make sure it’s as sustainable, ethic, and environmentally friendly as Recreo’s.

The family-owned Recreo Coffeeshop and Roasterie offers customers premium coffee, with coffee beans sourced from Miriam’s family farm in Jinotega, Nicaragua. Recreo serves coffee that is top-notch, sustainable and single-origin. They are Rainforest Alliance Certified, with direct trade importation and environmental sustainability. Their values don’t just stop there: the workers who harvest the coffee are treated fairly, with access to education, medical care, housing, and food. 

Visit Recreo’s online shop to purchase whole bean and ground coffee. You can be sure you’re getting a great product, from a great company. Currently, Recreo is offering home deliveries within a two-mile radius.


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