Hi foodie lovers! I’m Meghan, a writer, healthy recipe creator, and world traveler.

Meghan in CityCenter, D.C.
Posing in CityCenter, Washington D.C.


If you came here with a love for avocados, chia seeds, and travel, then you’ve come to the right place! I grew up in an eclectic household: my mother an artist, and my father a self-employed business owner, my brother a folk-rock musician, and my sister a fashionista.

I started writing when I was twelve years old, sitting on my windowsill writing poetry. I watched my mother cook without recipes, pairing exotic herbs and local ingredients. I learned from a young age that cooking should be fun and easy.

I help inspire people to be creative in the kitchen and in life.

My Story in 6 Sentences

Born in Florida, I moved to Ireland at four-years old. I lived there for 12 years and learned the beauty of nature and creativity. When I moved to the states, I studied all the literary things, getting two Bachelor of Arts Degrees and a Masters. I lived in rural Virginia, Washington D.C., and now Boston.

All the moments in between have been spent traveling around Europe, Southeast Asia, and now America. Traveling is a big part of my life, and I think there’s something powerful about getting out of your corner of the world for a little while.


What You’ll Find Here

This is a blog dedicated to veggie-powered meals and inspiration for living a healthy, creative lifestyle. You’ll find cooking ideas, travel tips, and recipes. 

How I Started Cooking

It all started with one can of chickpeas. I was in college and ran out of meals allowed through my meal plan. One day, I looked in the cabinet and found a can of chickpeas. I had some veggies and spices. I chopped up the veggies, whizzed the chickpeas in a food processor, and formed them into delicious burgers.

I was so excited about my little creation, that I continued creating recipes. I didn’t get a meal plan the next semester.

My Style of Eating

I’m all about balance. I’ve been overweight, underweight, and at a healthy weight. I know that diets don’t work, that’s why I listen to my body. I practice intuitive eating.

That means sometimes you eat the salad, and other times you order the pizza. Both are acceptable, and that’s part of what I’m here to write about. That’s why I love chia pudding as equally as I love spaghetti aglio e olio.

Pizza in NYC
Eating Pizza in West Village, New York City


That being said, my body thrives off of vegetable-based meals. I don’t restrict myself, so I won’t label my diet – but you will be seeing primarily veggie-powered recipes here.

My Style of Traveling

My style of traveling is similar to my style of eating. I like to see the local spots, go to art galleries and see live music.

Of course, I also like to eat. Food is the greatest equalizer and you can learn so much about a culture from their food!

I’m so excited to immerse myself in the foodie community. If you’re new here, come say hi!

-Meghan Lavin


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  1. Hi Meghan!
    Great site! Love the clean, healthy look. Can’t wait to try the date tofu recipe! 😁

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