What’s your favorite part about traveling? Mine is the food

Just kidding. Traveling is apparently more than delicious noodles and questionable cheese. Like this sunset.

A Malibu Sunset, California

Traveling is a kind of learning experience. You realize all your preconceived notions were wrong. You deal with dodgy public transport. Then, you take pictures at all the sights. But sometimes, the places that you didn’t expect to go are the best. 

Finding a basement lounge with a $5 cover charge, your passage to the local Indie music scene. That bookshop where you get lost in the poetry section. The quietest beach where no one is taking selfies.

I’m convinced that the best way to travel is to go without solid plans. Throw out the itinerary. Connect with locals and fellow-travelers when you arrive. Let them to guide you.

Here, you’ll find tales and tips from regional and international travel. You’ll find inspiration to visit the unexpected places, and go in a way that is spontaneous, fun, and memorable.

Bon Voyage!